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2nd Day: Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

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Currumbin was awesome! For 2 major reasons. 1) You get to pet/hug/kiss/cuddle/feed a kangaroo freely. 2) You get to hug a koala bear!!! Those cute soft cudly koalas! But....in reality they're not that friendly actually... The koala just lay their paws on you and the only action you're gonna get is a stare. But they are so damn cute so you just wannna hug em! But of course we cant. We just took a photo and that set us back $20!


Back to the kangaroos....there were plenty of em in currumbin layin around lazily! And i mean LAZY!

They are fed 24/7...365 days. No wonder they just laze around. I saw one with a joey! ( just found out that a baby kangaroo is called joey, and that even kangaroo has an alpha male were this one alpha male mates with all the other female roo's. In currumbin,there were two different breed of roo. One was called the australian grey tail ....and i forgot the other one. The roo's in currumbin are very tame, the volunteer handling them said they wont be like this in the wild. Totally different. I love it when they hophophop! And owh...they fight their enemies by sitting on their buttocks and kicking their opponent hard with their long back feet.


We had Yanguwah dinner plan for the night.
Yanguwah means good morning...or was it hallo? But before that we took a stroll down currumbin beach up to elephants rock where we got to see a great view of the gold coast skyline.

It was already 5.30pm when we were up there and i was getting a bit rushing(our show was schedule to start at 5.30pm and i didn't want to miss the opening.


But back to the show...so 'yanguwah' means morning. The show started with an aboriginal male blowing the didgeridoo playing a tune. His friend then came out and introduce himself, his aboriginal name which i dont remember and he told us to call him henry if we couldn't pronounce/remember. So henry it is.
He then showed us a video of the aboriginal tribe and their chief and how the coming of the english people changed/altered their way of life(some of them anyway).
We then were lead to a demonstration area where they showed us how the Aborigines cooked their food and they called it 'kup moori'. Historically...the food such as potatoes, vege, meat, chicken were cooked by digging a small pit and stuffing the pit with the foods and covering it with big leaves. Then they put heated coals on top. After henry explained about the kup moori we then were brought to a performance area. The tribe welcomed us with a dance an proceeded to show us more dance that they usually performed to entertain/welcome their guest. It was quite entertaining and the rythm of the music was exciting.

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